Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Coffee Bar in the Master Bedroom

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We have this small piece of furniture that Tommy really loves, and so I always find a nook for it. But, I always struggle with what to display on it.

A few weeks back I found this strange Houston's Cheese Crate at the Goodwill for $0.79. I didn't know what I was going to use it for but I knew I wanted it, so I brought it home and put it where all of the things that don't have a place go: the garage.

After touring some model homes recently, I liked the idea of having a Coffee/Tea Station in the master bedroom. Of course the stations were much bigger and most had small sinks, but one must improvise. For father's day, Tommy received a new coffee maker, and the old one went to....
the garage.

This morning I had a bright idea, I ran down stairs, grabbed the crate, the old coffee maker, some mugs, and a coffee ~ tea tin storage set that was also in the garage and came up with this:

Now Tommy has a coffee bar in the master bedroom. I used the drawers to store the filters, sugar, creamer as well as many other things.

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